It’s day two with the in-laws. They’ve showered you with gifts, eaten your food and relayed the neighborhood gossip from back home. If you don’t do something, this delightful visit could take a turn. Will they bring up your politics? Your parenting style? Your personal style?

LEAVE THE HOUSE! Here are my go-to shared experiences for extended families. I enjoy healthy competition, but I’m told these are fun for non-competitive people, too.

Bury The Hatchet

Do you build up some aggression during the holiday season? No? Okay, so it’s just me. Regardless, axe throwing is something I never thought I’d do. Then I hit a bullseye and I was hooked. Bury The Hatchet in OP is our favorite location because you can bring your own wine & beer. If you’re into that sort of thing.

Bury the Hatchet

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Kansas City Culinary Center

Nailed it is one of our family’s favorite shows at home. We love watching contestants try (and fail) at creating edible masterpieces. Now is your chance. The Culinary Center offers family holiday baking workshops. Or, plan your family’s own Mystery Box or Cake Combat. My advice? Get grandma on your team. Reserve a class online or plan a special event by contacting The Culinary Center of Kansas City.



Who’s the bravest in the family? You may be surprised. Indoor skydiving will bring an adrenaline rush – and anyone can do it. Kids as young as three and their great-grandparents can take part. All ages, shapes, sizes and abilities can fly. Taking flight is nothing short of incredible. This is a shared experience you’ll talk about at the dinner table for years & years. 


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This is our go-to when family comes in town. My toddler loves getting tips from his uncle, and our grandparents can’t get enough of the technology. There are Topgolf games that engage every skill level – even beginners like me. My favorite is the one where I win. 

You can reserve bays online in advance, sometime with a fee. Or, show up and roll the dice. Worst case, you wait at the bar. Where there is food and alcohol. Bonus: Topgolf added a third row of heaters to the bays in 2019, making it nice & toasty regardless what Jack Frost brings into town.   


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