When you go to get Mexican, do you decide the restaurant based on the food or the margaritas? For me, it’s a careful decision that weighs heavily towards how long of a week it has been, but the margaritas usually win. Much like duct tape, a good margarita fixes everything. Through great sacrifice and arduous testing (hey, somebody’s got to do it), I’ve carefully assembled this list of the best in OP. Enjoy!


The Contenders



The food and drinks are neck and neck at K-Machos. Portions are large, and the drinks are strong, and the dining room is always full. Maybe it’s the site of tortillas being made fresh before your eyes or their amazing fresh green salsa, but K-machos puts you in the mood to enjoy that drink.

Mi Ranchito

Mi Ranchito has two locations in Overland Park. One in Downtown and one out South at 151st St. Overland Parkers sing the praises of the great service and top-quality margaritas. The house margaritas are the favorite and are served in big portions at an affordable price.

Tortilla Ranch

Tortilla Ranch is a fast-casual Mexican restaurant and a favorite in town. Their margaritas are sweet, and they are only $2.50 (yes, seriously) during happy hour—a win in my book. Often compared as a locally-owned alternative to Chipotle, they have fresh and delicious food, are family-friendly, and have amazing specials. They even let kids eat free on Saturdays.


Jalapenos’s margaritas pack a punch. They’re strong and smooth and well worth your time. Jalapenos has great food and even has American favorites like burgers and wings on their menu if you can’t get everyone in your family to agree on Mexican. Pro-tip, if you like serious spice, be sure to ask for the 4-alarm sauce.

Coco Bolos

If you like margaritas and getting caught in the sun, then Coco Bolos is the spot that you’ve looked for; you can go there to escape.  Okay, okay, I realize it’s not pina colada’s we’re focused on here, but Coco Bolos outdoor patio is worth singing about. It’s all about the atmosphere here, vibrant and right in the middle of the Prairiefire district’s action. The margaritas are not extremely strong and are really tasty, so you don’t have to worry too much about overdoing it.


And The Winner Is

Choosing the best margarita is no easy task, and the entire team weighed in. Debates ensued over salt, rocks, and tequila. In the end, K-Machos house margarita prevailed as the unofficial best margarita in Overland Park. Now, pass the chips!