You should never feel guilty about giving time to yourself. 

Overland Park makes it easy to relax, de-stress, and creating that "me-time." It’s time to give your co-workers a better reply to “how was your weekend?” The reset button is within reach, and these five places in Overland Park can help you push it.


Very Well KC

A new healing arts collective in Downtown Overland Park. Head to Very Well KC for a restorative Swedish massage, quick 20-minute chair massage, or even their signature “Super Mom Facial,” which re-energizes tired skin cells. You can even get your mindfulness on with an Enneagram coaching session or Reiki energy healing. The collective is a one-stop-shop for mind and body wellness and a bonus adorable gift shop.


Milagro Midwestern Spa & Collective

Each service at Milagro is personalized to your needs. They offer an array of massages, and what makes Milagro unique is their Maker Counter, where they’ll create products from raw ingredients for your skin type.


Sunlight Day Spa

Escaping from your couch to the soothing Sunlight Day Spa is a luxurious way to reset and relax. Treat yourself to a full-body wrap detox scrub, a relaxation massage, or an infrared sauna experience. They offer dozens of treatments and services that all promote natural healing.


Overland Park Arboretum & Botanical Gardens

300 acres of green space where you can disappear into nature without leaving the city. Hike through wooded trails or walk paved pathways through blooming gardens. The Overland Park Arboretum is a place to smile with the outdoors and take a deep breath.



Sometimes all it takes to de-stress is to get your body moving. Hotworx in Downtown Overland Park takes it a step further with their patented individual workout saunas that combine heat, infrared, and exercise to help you detox and accelerate recovery. You can sign-up for 30 or 15-minute workouts from yoga and Pilates to cycling and rowing.


Salinity Salt & Floatation Spa

It's easy to see Overland Park doesn't have sandy beaches. But Salinity Salt & Floatation Spa is home to Overland Park's salt-filled air and warm saltwater. Take your pick (or do both) at Salinity Salt & Floatation Spa: the Floatation Therapy room is a space for you to float in as much salt water as the dead sea. The celestial ceiling that creates the illusion of a star-lit night to enable you to truly “float among the stars”. And the Salt Therapy Room is a way to escape from the contaminated environments of our daily lives-free of allergens, pathogens, and pollutants. The unique beach-like ambiance of the Salt Therapy room lets you relax as a group with salt infused into the air.


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