Candlelit dinners. Heart-shaped pizzas. Fondue for two. Overland Park does romance just right. Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day or simply craving a long-overdue date night, I've got you covered with four of OP’s most swoon-worthy destinations:

McGregor’s Butcher & Bistro

(11300 W 135th Street)
Opening in spring 2023, McGregor’s emerges as a newcomer in Overland Park’s vibrant culinary landscape, but it’s earned its place among the best of the best. Stepping inside, McGregor’s boasts a charming blend of old-fashioned butcher shop meets refined dining bistro–a fusion that's as rare as it is captivating, promising an unforgettable date night.

Let’s get to the good stuff: I opted for the Chilean Sea Bass and my husband ordered the steak flight, both of which were incredible. We paired our meals with a cabernet and a lavender-infused “Grey Bahookie”. Between the drinks and the food, we couldn’t decide on a highlight here. All were superb–oh, and the hospitality was top-notch.

Hands down, McGregor’s ranks among the top culinary experiences my husband and I have had in the entire Kansas City area. 10/10 recommend! 
McGregor Romantic Dates Blog

Pinstripes Bowling Bocce Bistro 

(13500 Nall Avenue)

For a nice little departure from the tried-and-true dinner-and-a-movie routine, Eric and I ventured to Pinstripes at Prairie Fire. This hot spot boasts an unexpected fusion of Italian-American fare meets bowling and bocce. In other words, this place is the perfect recipe for a date night full of laughs, some friendly competition and even a little calorie burning. (Hey, those strikes take work)

For us, it’s never a date night without some culinary delights so we kicked things off with some spicy buffalo cauliflower with celery. We couldn’t resist the Valentine’s Special: a heart-shaped pizza followed by a scoop of gelato. With strikes, spares, and amore in the air, Pinstripes delivered an unforgettable date night experience, especially for my husband who boasted his bowling scores for a solid week.



Redrock Canyon Grill

(13505 Metcalf Avenue)

Famous for its wood-fired rotisserie chicken and Southwest-inspired cuisine, this bustling restaurant is clearly a date night favorite in Overland Park. Redrock exudes a modern charm, with its sleek decor and dimly lit ambiance setting the stage for an intimate dining experience.

A standout recommendation? That’d be the stuffed poblano—a concoction of rotisserie chicken, chipotle sour cream, black bean salsa, and salsa verde that stole the show as our appetizer of choice. Our inner foodie selves continued to be impressed thanks to the Asian chicken & noodle salad, as well as the steak paired with rotisserie chicken plus sweet glazed carrots and green beans. And to top it all off, we couldn't resist treating ourselves to the decadent bourbon cake with a scoop of ice cream for dessert. Absolutely delish!


Redrock Canyon Grill

Aubrey Vineyards

(16350 Kenneth Road)

We may be 1,500 miles from Napa Valley but you may forget that upon visiting the hidden gem that is Aubrey Vineyards. As you turn down the vine-lined driveaway, you really do feel like you’re transported to the heart of wine country.

Easily topping our list of unique date night experiences, my husband and I joined friends in Aubrey Vineyards’ private igloo, and were greeted with sparkling champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries. We treated ourselves to a selection of local wines, handcrafted cocktails, and an impressive charcuterie board plus fire-grilled pizza. And because one can never have too much indulgence, we couldn't resist diving into chocolate fondue. Aubrey Vineyards was definitely a date night to remember!


Aubrey Vineyards - Romantic Dates Blog

We may be bidding adieu to this tour of Overland Park’s most romantic destinations, but I’d love to know: What other OP spots do you think deserve a place on this list? 💕 Share your thoughts below!