With the word “park” in Overland Park’s name, you can bet there are plenty of parks (and park facts) to entertain you. Here are five facts about OP’s parks.


Think you have seen all the parks? Well, there are more than 83 parks in Overland Park, with another being added in 2022. If you have seen them all, we are going to have to ask for some proof.


It is estimated that at least 1.5 million people visit parks in OP each year. If you went to a park, playground, splash pad, or a trail, you are part of that total. Nice work.


The parks in Overland Park make up a total of 996 acres of land. If you were to put all those parks together, it would be bigger than Central Park in NYC. Never been there? This would be the same as roughly 750 football fields.


If you head to a park in the warm months, Overland Park has three parks that have water features for the kids (or kids at heart) to play in. These parks are Sapling Grove Park, Thompson Park, and Roe Park.


Save the best for last is what they say, so check this one out. Overland Park has a city park with a roller hockey rink. Who would have guessed? Grab your blades and head to Indian Valley Park to channel your inner Wayne Gretzky.