Michael Mackie
Michael Mackie

Michael Mackie a proud Midwesterner. Growing up, he always knew he wanted to be in TV. Or on TV. Or watching TV. (He's not picky.) "I even got my degree in broadcasting from the University of Iowa to prove to the world I was not only educated, but well-versed in sitcoms, game shows, and Oprah," he says. "Also, I got minors in French and acting as well. Someday, that will enable me to write, produce, direct. and star in a straight-to-video project in Quebec."

Not only is Mackie an Aries with a Pisces rising, he's an eight-time Emmy-award winner. He's worked and freelanced for a variety of local television affiliates in Des Moines, Orlando, and Kansas City and was the co-host of a local, daily entertainment show, KC Live.

A prolific travel writer by trade, Mackie recently became a member of the prestigious Society of American Travel Writers. "My parents never could comprehend how I earned my keep stringing words together for the universe to appreciate," he says. "Frankly, that makes three of us. But I feel like it’s what I was put on this earth to do. I was born to tell people’s stories. Whether you read it—welp, that’s up to you."

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Michael Mackie

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