Ahhhh Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer. The time when we break out the white clothes, put on the sunscreen, and head outside for three straight days. (Please, there is no need to brag if you have Friday off as well.) So now that we have that covered, let’s plan your Memorial weekend, which should obviously be spent in Overland Park. Read on to see 10 ways to spend your Memorial weekend in OP.

1. Farmers’ Market & Makers Market

There are not many better ways to spend your Saturday morning than by strolling through the OP Farmers’ Market, then stopping by the Makers Market to find some handmade goods to take home.

2. Head To Prairiefire

Park your car and enjoy walking through boutique shops, take a break to enjoy top-notch dining options, then enjoy an evening playing rooftop bocce. It is all here at Prairiefire.

3. Eat All The BBQ

You are in the Midwest, so eating at one of the many award-winning BBQ restaurants in OP this Memorial weekend is a must.

4. Explore Downtown OP

A food hall, local stores, coffee shops, and a brand-new park. I’ll stop and let you get to the people watching.

5. Brunch Like There Is No Tomorrow

You could say people in OP like to brunch. You could also say that the word “like” is an understatement.

6. Museum At Prairiefire

You may need to be prepared to pick your kids’ jaws up off the floor after they see the giant dinosaur at the Museum at Prairiefire.

7. Hike At The Arboretum

What is possibly the most beautiful spot in OP also turns out to be the best place to hike in OP. Gather the family and explore the paved or unpaved trails at the Arboretum.

8. Take The Kids To Deanna Rose

The kids will think “Best. Day. Ever.” when they are up close and personal with the animals at Deanna Rose.

9. Patio Hop

It is Memorial weekend, so you have to make sure that one or five of these patios are on your weekend itinerary.

10. Hit Up Oak Park Mall

We get it. Being outside all weekend can be exhausting. Get some retail therapy at Oak Park Mall, you deserve it. Summer is finally here!


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