Coffee & Playgrounds: Perfect Playdate Pairings in OP

What could be better than a perfect playground day in Overland Park with friends? Here's an idea: a delicious coffee to perk up that playdate! Check out my go-to guide for the best coffee and playground combinations in OP from a latte-obsessed mom of two. Strang Park & Bear Necessities Coffee Bar…

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Five Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Overland Park

As Earth Day approaches, there's no better time to connect with nature! Whether you’re an avid hiker or your idea of enjoying nature is a drink on a patio, there is something for you in Overland Park, Kansas. From lush parks to scenic trails, here's your guide to celebrating Earth Day in OP. 1…

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The Parks and Playgrounds Guide to Overland Park

If there’s anything we know about the Midwest, it’s that there aren’t just four seasons. There’s winter, followed by fool’s spring, then second winter, a quick spring of deception, and then third winter and the last two weeks’ mud season, and finally we can celebrate full spring. So, happy spring…

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