For those of us with kids, the struggle of finding a restaurant that is both kid-friendly and serves delicious food while on vacation is all too real. There are lots of factors that come in to play:

Is it noisy enough that your kids won’t be heard throughout the entire restaurant when they inevitably exclaim that they “need to go potty”? Will the adults have to choose from entrées that read “chicken fingers” or “kiddie burger”? And let’s hope there won’t be 30+ minutes of chaotic downtime while the food is prepared. If so, your phones better be fully charged and ready to stream videos.

Combine all of these factors and then throw in the aspect of being in a new town, and you have yourself quite the conundrum. Check out our list below of the top family-friendly restaurants in KC | OP. This will help you take the guesswork out of finding a restaurant that is kid-friendly and parent approved.

The Contenders


  • Grimaldi’s – Head on down to Prairiefire and grab some pizza at Grimaldi’s with the kids. This is sure to be a hit with everyone as the kids are treated to a ball of dough to play with while the pizza bakes.
  • Brew Lab – Sure this is a brewery, but a kid-friendly brewery at that. Brew Lab has a kids area with a handful of toys to keep the kids occupied. Parents can enjoy a flight of beer and some street tacos while the kids play.
  • Chuy's – The parents will love the food (don’t worry, there’s a kids menu too that the kids will also love) and the kids will be enthralled with the lively décor of Chuy’s. Request a table by the tortilla window and the kids can watch the tortillas being made by hand to fill some downtime.
  • Shack – In my experience, there is nothing that kids love more than coloring on things that they aren’t supposed to. Luckily at Shack, writing your name on the wall is strongly encouraged. Place your brunch order, then send the kids off to find that perfect spot on the wall to sign.
  • Spin! – Based on my unofficial research, kids love anything that resembles ice cream. When the kids visit Spin!, they get a free kids-size gelato with their meal. There is no better way to get kids to sit through an entire meal than bribing them with gelato.
  • Joe’s KC – This list can’t be complete without at least one mention of barbecue. Here you can avoid the dreaded downtime at the table with the kids. At Joe’s KC walk up to the counter to order your food and it is ready before you can find a spot to sit. Adults get to enjoy world-famous barbecue, and the kids can, too! Pro tip: head to Joe’s KC on Tuesdays where the kids eat for just 99 cents.

And The Winner Is

Spin Pizza salads and pizzas with cheese and peppers on a wooden table

The unofficial winner of best kid-friendly restaurant in KC | OP is Spin!

While you can’t go wrong at any other of the options, Spin! offers everything parents look for when it comes to finding a kid-friendly restaurant. Parents will approve of the noise level, the food is hot and fresh, and free gelato to keep the kids inspired to eat. Oh yeah, they serve wine too.